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Support and Friendship

The Right Help

For Physicians and Therapists with patients facing addiction, we can help. If your patient is suffering from substance abuse or issues with addiction, we will provide them the treatment they need with our advanced and proven medication-assisted treatment and evidence-based modalities.

Patient-Focused Recovery

We are a treatment team of therapists, counselors, and clinicians trained to guide clients through mental health treatment and/or addiction and into recovery using several of the latest treatment methods. Our programs focus on evidence-based recovery with tailored solutions to help clients repair and rebuild their lives through every phase. We do not leave anything to chance. If you are seeking the next level of support for your patient's journey through recovery, we are here to help.

Reach the Top
Group Therapy

Proven Treatments Methods

We at Psyclarity Health strive for results with an integrative, personally tailored, and evidence-based approach to pave the road to recovery. Our therapeutic techniques are designed to open the patient's eyes to the possibilities of sober-living with empowerment and ongoing support. We don’t exchange dependencies and we empower patients to engage with their personal journey. We focus on developing the skills to re-enter school and the workforce and repair their personal relationships.

We also know that each person and case is unique. To ensure the best results, we provide scalable care to supply what a client needs to start and stay on the road to recovery. This includes intense residential care to supportive weekly aftercare.


To learn more about all the treatment options available as well as the scope of our programs, please contact us below:

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