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Healing For All of You

We provide care for not just our clients, but for their families too. Our programs are designed to facilitate recovery through regular family contact, updates, ongoing support, and family counseling.

The Important Role of Family

At Psyclarity, we know family is key to developing long-lasting sobriety. We also know the pain addiction has put the family through. They may have been lied to, stolen from, or even manipulated. Often, the relationships we see are fractured. But that's where we can help. With counseling, treatment, and support, we seek to repair your relationships and return you back to your original role of father, mother, brother, sister, son, or daughter.

Family At Church
Mother and son

Tailored Care for Your Situation

Your mental health or addiction is unique which is why our recovery is tailored to your loved ones’ needs. We provide care for both inpatients and out. We help you make the right call with treatment navigators on staff who can quickly determine the level of care your loved one needs. They will receive both extensive trauma therapy and the latest therapies, all under the supervision of our expert recovery staff. 

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