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Our Staff


Austin Murley

Resident Advisor

Austin has been doing this for about five years. He found a program that actually helps him after struggling for many years and then found a job working for them. He wishes to give back to those who have helped him by helping others on their recovery journey. Outside of work, he likes to skateboard, play video games, and work on cars. As far as his personal recovery journey, it has not been a pleasant one. Austin has dealt with homelessness and near-death experiences due to overdose. He is able to relate to the struggles of others and help lead them down their own recovery journeys.


Vanessa Souisa

Substance Abuse Counselor

Vanessa doubles as a influential member of her own recovery community. She is dedicated to finding solutions which bring healing into the lives of individuals and family units suffering from alcoholism and substance abuse. She has a background in Psychology with specific interests in trauma, mental health, and eating disorders. Outside of work she is a certified scuba diver working with Project Aware, so she can help keep our oceans clean.


Hayle Jimenez

Operations Manager

Hayle works closely with Residential Advisors and is responsible for ensuring the highest level of patient care in a healthy and supportive environment. She is devoted to our company’s mission to treat addiction with compassion and getting clients started on the path to permanent sobriety. She has a patient-focused mindset and natural mentorship abilities that help guide our clients through the process of finding hope and serenity, just as she has. During her free time, Hayle enjoys spending time with her family and friends, riding dirt bikes, racing cars, and going to concerts.


Thomas Cobb

House Manager

Thomas is a firm believer in second chances. He devoted 7 years working full time at the homeless shelter in his hometown. He believes his purpose in life is to help those in need. His hobbies include hiking, running, and fishing. 


Jesse Seifridsberger

Executive Chef

Chef Jesse has been in the food industry for 10 years. He has extensive experience as a dietary assistant, dietary supervisor, a prep cook, a sous chef, head chef, and food manager. He is an active member of AA and has spent most of his time in the food industry working at treatment centers because he loves the recovery process. His specialties are cooking meals that remind you of home and he has a wide range of recipes to choose from. He loves mountain biking, reading, and going to recovery events.

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